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Welcome to my Atelier.
This is my little corner of the world where dolls and interior design  meld as one.

Before I tell you how I started designing furniture, I'd like to tell  you what led me to this fabulous endeavour! It all started with my love of Barbie Dolls and my desire to restore  them to their former glory. I began restoring vintage dolls in 1996.  Perfecting my craft led to a very productive and fulfilling part-time  business, while working from home to raise my children. After a few  years, I became well-known in the doll community for my expertise in  restoration. I have contributed to many doll publications since then — Dolls in Print, Barbie Bazaar, Haute Doll, and Miller's Magazine —  where I had my own restoration column. I have even appeared on  television discussing the restoration of vintage dolls.

Currently, I contribute to Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine, where I  continue to write not only about vintage dolls, but modern dolls as  well. Through coaching and encouragement from the owner/editor of FDQ,  Pat Henry, my photography skills have improved immensely and my desire  to do more grew into something almost un-natural! LOL!

I was now in a fabulous, top-of-the-line doll publication surrounded by  professional photographers, graphic designers and writers! I felt I  needed to do much better if I wanted to continue contributing!

I noticed the gorgeous, realistic photography in FDQ that keeps you  coming back for more. I wanted my articles and photos to look this  good. So, it was my desire to add more dimension to my stories that  led me on a quest for the most realistic looking furnishings for my  subjects.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much out there that fulfilled my needs.  Instead of getting frustrated with impossiblities, I decided to design  and make a few pieces for the articles myself.

Incredibly, I ADORED doing this! It was like an answer to a prayer!  Cliche' I know, but I couldn't stop designing and decorating! Still  can't!  And so, "Welcome Home" furniture was born!

You may now find my furnishings here online and in doll magazines as well.

I am always designing and creating new suites of furniture. Be sure to  book mark my site for the newest offerrings. Just email me to be added  to my "first to know list," too!

Enjoy your dolls!
Maryann Roy
    Owner,  "Welcome Home"

Contact me:
Maryann Roy
58 Lake Harwinton Rd.
Harwinton, CT 06791


I get so mesmorized when I'm taking pictures of the  furniture suites that I acutally forget their size when I'm looking  through the lens. When I have to adjust something, like the pillow in the photo above, and I actually see my life-sized hand through the lens, I  freak out for a minute thinking - "Look at that giant hand in there!" 


contact: welcomehome@maryannroy.com

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